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Name: Sakura, Yawen, Lisa
Birthdate: October 28, 1985 at San Francisco.
Alias: Michiru, Shiori, Honey (hanii), Miluda, Alice
Mostly Taiwanese, pinch of Japanese and European; American.
Height: Five feet and an inch. (155cm)
Weight: One hundred pounds. (45.4kg)
Love: Video games, computer games, arcade games, girls, drawing, singing, animation, manga, violin, music, friends, love, sleep, truth.
Dislike: Needles, studying, working, gas prices, lies.

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.Belated Merry Christmas! Holidays! Whatever! Happy New Year!
Written Sunday 5:45pm; December 26th, 2010.

It's not a lion, it's a STAR. I don't celebrate this or that so here's a tree with a lion star

And happy new year! 'cause I probably won't post then!!!

And I have one of these now!

FACETIME which is just like a video chat. It's a 4th gen 32GB iPod Touch... I got a free 3rd Gen 8GB from a Bank of the West promo, sold it on craigslist and bought this one instead. The camera was the number one thing I wanted.

And this video! Oh yeah!

New Koumajou Densetsu Game! WITH VOICES

I am beyond excite Alice is so fucking cute I cannot contain myself Reimu's voice is good too

New Years resolutions:

Study language
Draw more pictures
Go to Asia
Clean up resume / website / portfolio
Clean room finally (This one just gets pushed over like how AT&T/Cingular rolls over minutes)

Happy birthday to Douwe and Jeffrey!

Thanks for the card, Mr. Panties! We sorta met on Tegaki & through mutual contacts

Christmas in a nutshell: Eve was spent with Walfas online, actual day was spent a little with a few close overseas friends, and today we have CRAB

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.December!? My Asia Trip
Written Saturday 11:33am; December 4th, 2010.
My current feeling: good.I am currently listening to good.

Gosh, it's December already!? And I've been back for a month already!?

The trip was even better than last year's! There's so much to say and so little time...

My schedule was again, very very packed. I'd stay up super late after seeing friends and then wake up super early to go meet my next set of friends. I tried to pack everyone onto the same days so I could see as many people as possible, but one week in Tokyo, one week in Kyoto, and one week in Seoul just isn't enough!!

I bought fewer things this time. Last year I told myself "I don't know when I'll be coming back, if ever" so I bought a ton of things! This year I was also able to stay at a friend's house but this year I did not get to meet all the people I wanted to meet. Last year's trip was super long: a month and a half. I didn't have a job back then so it was possible, but taking off 3 weeks at my current job was something I thought I couldn't do but somehow I managed to succeed in getting it! Haha.

I stayed with a friend in Tokyo and in Seoul. This meant one thing: both of them could not speak English and so I was forced to use Japanese. I can now speak some amount of conversational Japanese and it still surprises me. My friend in Korea speaks some amount of Japanese--since I could not speak Korean and she could not speak any English, we had to settle for a language neither of us were fluent in. It was... a great international struggle...

THANKFULLY, Seoul came after Japan. Had I not stayed with my Japanese friend in Tokyo, I don't think I could have survived in Seoul with English. While they teach English in Asia, they hardly use it so it's still pretty bad. At least they can read a lot of words by learning the alphabet...

So recently I've been learning Korean! As of right now I can read most of the alphabet, so just like English, I could sound out what the words are but still not understand the entire meaning.

Here's my trip in a nutshell:


I feel like I could talk about so many more things, but I think I'll stop here.


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Written Sunday 9:39am; October 31st, 2010.

hi in korea. going to everland now. returning to the usa on monday

"You musn't be so willing to die!"

Written Monday 1:33am; October 11th, 2010.

10/10/10 nutshell:

met friends in tokyo station, rode shinkansen together and instead of sleeping, chatted it up. slept for half an hour on the shinkansen
went to hotel to do early check in and drop off luggage
went to the meeting place where everyone was at
had karaoke where i was the only one singing and everyone else was drawing pictures and chatting it up
went to a restaurant where there were two long tables and it just so happens to be the girls sat down at one table and the boys the other, so it became like a girls side and boys side
girls side rocked because it had japanese girls who are into touhou who were drunk who couldn't speak english with me so it became a lot of gesturing and patting my head and patting my shoulders and patting and patting
yeeeaah girls side!!!!
went back to hotel
unpacked shit and prepared for tomorrow
writing this now

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Written Sunday 1:11am; October 10th, 2010.

i'm in japan and am very busy meeting a lot of friends! hooray! i hope to be able to write about the trip in detail (if i feel like it after the trip.)

but nutshells:

7th~8th: on the airplane, super boring because the seats did not have personal tvs in front of each seat... yet i could not sleep
8th: went to an autumn festival in a city called sakura (with a different kanji from the cherry blossom) with bono and talka, had food with namae and bono
9th: went to keio university for a school festival to see talka in cosplay, met his friend who was into touhou, saw his club, minh took photos, met minh's friend ko, met up with my friend mac, had a lot of good girl chatting after the boys left, had 30 minutes of karaoke, and am now writing this.
10th: will be riding the shinkansen in the morning. it's now 1am and i am fucked for sleep. i have to get up at 5am... (today: however i am not done packing for the trip to osaka since i have to prepare for the event.) i will meet up with a ton of artists for a meet that was created because i came all this way from america
11th: touhou only event !

the rest will come later, as you can tell the 10th and 11th haven't happened yet as of this writing.

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.My Monthly LJ update
Written Thursday 7:10pm; September 16th, 2010.

Hi, it's me again.

My trip is just a few more weeks! I can't believe I'm going to Korea. There was a time in my life where I thought I'd never go to another country and I killed that thought by going to Canada. The East Coast? Nah. I won't find myself there. Soon afterward, I went to New York. I also visited a few other states I never thought I'd go to... and then I found myself in Japan. Now I'm adding Korea to my list of countries.

My boss at work told me that I'm young, so I gotta take all the chances I can get to visit the world. She even suggested things like backpacking in Europe, but my style is I just don't visit a place unless I've got friends there. Everything is just better when you're with the right friends. I'm hoping to see my pixiv friends soon in Japan and my Korean pixiv friends in Korea! HOORAY!

I've finished up some more doujin projects and one of them will be released at Koromu.

What I have done lately is kept a dream journal. For those that have followed me here at LJ for a long time probably know that some of my dreams are really detailed--down to the point where sometimes I can read text on a wall or on a dream computer screen. In many ways, updating this dream journal (and random chat excerpts) has pretty much sufficed my need to update a blog of some sort, even though this journal is really just to myself. It's a private journal, only I can access it so no one reads it, and the thought of that doesn't even bother me. The social aspect of LJ is really nice but sometimes you just want some alone time.

In gaming news, I tried out the FFXIV beta but was pretty disappointed on the amount of bugs I've found. I've never had this much trouble with a single game before (next to Alien Swarm) and it's so sad because the game is coming out in less than a week.

Trying to learn Hangul, but I guess 'cause my mind is filled with all sorts of Japanese alphabet and Taiwanese alphabet, I'm having some trouble retaining that information. Makes me wish there was an epic RPG that included hangul and I'd just learn all these characters without really... realizing that I'm learning them.

There's been a lot days where my mind is filled with just good things, and even though nothing notable is happening in this moment in time, I'm just fine and I'm happy. Okay, well, lots of things are happening and I've been more busy now than ever, but it's all good. To think of who I was in 2004 is just so different that sometimes I wonder if I had even lived that part of my life at all...

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.too many things in one post
Written Sunday 2:06am; August 15th, 2010.

This year's Comiket pretty much finished up today and unfortunately I wasn't able to go. I participated in a Marisa x Alice anthology and also drew images for the next New HORI-ZUN English textbook. Hopefully I can receive my copies soon!

I originally planned to visit Japan during August to go to Comiket but upon hearing the chance of being able to meet a Korean Touhou artist, I moved my trip to October, the month she wanted to go to Japan. The Touhou Koromu Event is in October.

Everything was going well up until last week or something, but she can no longer go to Japan. I was a little disappointed-- if she wasn't going to Japan, I probably am never going to meet her since I don't think I would go to Korea any time soon. Also, I definitely can meet way more of my friends during Comiket... but maybe next year. I still plan to go to Japan in October.

I wanted to visit Osaka and Tokyo, so I was planning to take the Shinkansen round trip until Minh opened up the idea of multi-city flights-- so now I'm flying into Osaka and then taking the Shinkansen only once to Tokyo. It saves a lot of money and with the exchange rate being so poor between the Dollar and Yen, buying a Rail Pass is just too expensive and not worth it if I'm only going to ride the Shinkansen one way.

When I was searching for flights, one of the flights required me to transfer in Seoul. That's when I got the idea I could just simply add Seoul to my trip. I asked my boss for a few more days off in October, and she said "We work hard, and we play hard, so just go have fun." Hooray! October then transformed into Osaka (and surrounding areas), Tokyo (etc), and Seoul. I've never been to Korea before, so I will get to add Korea to the list of countries I've been to soon enough! The Won and USD exchange seems to be OK, so maybe I should just save most of my money to buy things in Korea...

Yesterday, I met with a craigslist ad person-- I bought a Nikon D40x. I'm going to try and get into photography, though probably not super serious. If I am to get super serious, I'll buy a much better camera in the future. The camera is actually from Japan, so all of the manual and stuff are in Japanese. It wouldn't have mattered since I am the second owner so the original warranty doesn't work for me.

Today, I went to DD's Discounts for a chance to win a free Dell Mini 10 netbook. I saw the ad in the newspaper last week and thought eh, it's 3 netbooks per store and only 4 locations near me, so why not try the closest one? If not, then I'll just see what backpacks they have available because I wanted to replace my broken PowerPuff Girls backpack.

Well, I ended up winning the netbook. How about that! Now I have two netbooks. I'm not sure if I want to sell this second one or open it up to use it, but at the moment it's sitting in my room in a sealed box.

I'm tired and I wanted to update my LJ so this entry has become very tired sounding with good news.

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.My Monthly LJ update
Written Saturday 6:04pm; August 7th, 2010.

Artwork for this post:

I still check LJ every week but my updates seem to have slowed down to about at least once per month. Here's the first for August! Sakuya visited and went, it was a great time!

Some stuff that happenedCollapse )

Just a lot of bad luck in one part of the year, but nothing terrible compared to what I've gone through before. I did notice that my mood dropped even before all these things happened so I think I'm just going through a lull. I'm sure I'll come back up soon enough. I always do. Just a lot of stuff on my mind.

Edit: Whoa, all these bad things (i didn't write about some) happened within the last few weeks! Hope they disappear soon.

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