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A new chapter begins.

Moving to Tokyo in two weeks! Not ready. In the packing/cleaning sense and mental. I don't wanna leave hooooome!!

Goodbye car... goodbye In-N-Out... goodbye tipping, goodbye large streets and areas... goodbye being in the same time zone as my pals here... aaaaaaa

Just came back from Vancouver and it was fun fun fun!! Thanks to Nacchan for another cool trip! I met up with a ton of people!!!
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Mils - smooooch・∀・

2012 Goal Met

Remember last year I wrote that I wanted to get a job in Japan? I just came back from this schedule listed in the previous post:

March: SoCal trip <- went
April: Japan <- went! was treated like a local celebrity in Hiroshima
May: FanimeCon <- went! successful artist alley
June: Possibly New York <- went! met long time friends and ate lots of food
July: AnimeExpo <- went! most unstressful AX ever with the cheapest ticket rate (a fluke in my favor)
August: Japan <- just came back! successful job interviews and they said they are working on my visa papers...!?

If they are working on it as they say they are, then chances are I will be moving to Japan in December... a bit soon but as long as they let me come back to the Bay Area I'll be happy.

Where is my life going next? I also finally stopped my yearly recurring payments to LiveJournal. Just not here enough anymore and I'm fine if my layout is left the way it is, it's been that way for ages anyway.

Maybe it hasn't hit in enough yet but

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Poor neglected LiveJournal! Another trip to Hiroshima in April and awesomely paid for by the Hiroshima Cosplay Committee! Here's the stuff going on with me now:

March: SoCal trip
April: Japan
May: FanimeCon
June: Possibly New York
July: AnimeExpo
August: Japan

aaaaaaaaaaaaa! !!!! !!!!! Got lots of things I gotta make and planning to do aaaaaa!!

Also, WHOA, m-flo is releasing new stuff?

Alice - the way you make my heart beat

2012 already?

WHOA it's 2012 already?

I went to Anime Los Angeles and came back. I'm still working daily. I still have six million plans. I'm still cosplaying and studying Japanese. Still planning trips to Asia, still doing the doujin thing. I've got some special plans that I'm hoping will go through in terms of job search, but won't go into detail. Compared to 4ish years ago, things are really different. I feel like I have something huge and new every 5-7 years.

Started using silly social networking stuff like Path. If you're there, you can probably find me under Miluda Folles.

The new year marked my 9800GT exploding after trying to run Trine so I purchased a GTX 550 Ti to replace it! It's definitely an improvement and I didn't have to buy a new power supply to use it! I also now have a PS3, 3DS, two monitors (technically 3, but I gave my brother one), a smartphone... gosh, I'm catching up on technology, aren't I.

Wait, it's 2012? Holy shit, where is time going?


also gonna sleeps a lot forever bye

whoa new LJ comment pages
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Back from Japan Trip 2011!

Oh, does anyone still use this thing anymore? A few people still do, and it's a good place for long posts, so to LiveJournal!!

This year's trip included the Tokyo Area, Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, and the Hiroshima Prefecture. I did much more sightseeing on this trip in comparison to the last two trips! Though this year, a lot of the cities looked darker--the Tohoku Region, past the Tokyo area, and even as far as Kyoto, lights were turned off to conserve energy. Of course, I think they ought to do that normally, but in a sense it was sort of a mark of the natural disaster that happened in March 11th. I suppose lights being on symbolize doing well. I always think about theme parks and stuff using up a lot of energy but maybe that's just why it seems amazing. It uses up a lot of energy!!

Not all pics will be put up cuz I'm lazy and maybe someday I will post 'em and someday I won't in the meantime here's some pics not all in order

HAY a nutshell post: Collapse )

Post brought to you by Kinkan and Muhi. (They help after you've been bitten by a mosquito.)

tl;dr: I got bitten by mosquitos, swelled up like mad, allergies, job interview, went to places, ate food, life good and fun

Anime Expo 2011

Whoop! Gonna be at Anime Expo 2011. Those in LiveJournal land that might go, let me know! Gonna be stuck behind an artist alley table though-- H13 or something like that. We had two tables next to each other so it's possible I'm at H14.

I planned another trip to Japan in August so I'll also be at Comiket. I can't wait to see some certain peopleeeeeeee I miss them so much

I'm bringing all sorts of "American" things... hope they like Cracker Jacks and Ghirardelli. I'm open to suggestions if people have them. They have to fit into my luggage and not pass the weight limit.

It's simple and easy to think of what's "Taiwanese" and bring that over but when I think "American" it's pretty much a ton of food items I used to have as a kid or something I can't bring over, like beef jerky. Totally wanted to bring that...

Off topic, I recently spent some time playing Minecraft with someone in Japan and I totally hnnnnnnnnnnng'd when she made two beds (we're the only two on my server) in the Minecraft house. Yes, I'm happy over a bunch of pixels. It's funny because I spent the entire time fucking around and making "art" instead of being useful. After I was done making my art, I went over and found her at her tiny-sized house, and there was only one bed. I jumped on her bed and said THIS IS MY ROOM and THIS IS MY HOUSE and left... and when I came back, she had made a second bed. THERE'S ONLY TWO OF US ON THIS SERVER WHO IS THAT DAMN BED FOR? hhnnnnnnnn I made a sign that said it was our house wow I am a dork

why am I still paying for livejournal are you still paying for it?