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Back from Japan Trip 2011!

Oh, does anyone still use this thing anymore? A few people still do, and it's a good place for long posts, so to LiveJournal!!

This year's trip included the Tokyo Area, Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, and the Hiroshima Prefecture. I did much more sightseeing on this trip in comparison to the last two trips! Though this year, a lot of the cities looked darker--the Tohoku Region, past the Tokyo area, and even as far as Kyoto, lights were turned off to conserve energy. Of course, I think they ought to do that normally, but in a sense it was sort of a mark of the natural disaster that happened in March 11th. I suppose lights being on symbolize doing well. I always think about theme parks and stuff using up a lot of energy but maybe that's just why it seems amazing. It uses up a lot of energy!!

Not all pics will be put up cuz I'm lazy and maybe someday I will post 'em and someday I won't in the meantime here's some pics not all in order http://miluda.posterous.com/

HAY a nutshell post:

When I was in Tokyo, I stayed with Namae, the same girl I stayed with for last year's trip and saved myself $1000 bucks worth of hotel! Akihabara had a Dr Pepper machine with mostly Dr Peppers and some from the USA! Whoaaah thanks a certain anime!! Yes USA Dr Peppers taste different from Japanese ones!! Oh Comiket!!! I cosplayed!! It cost money!!! I saw fireworks!! Twice!! Saw lots of Taiwanese peeps in Tokyo!! Whoaah!! Mahjong nights!! Ate Monjayaki!!! Lots of other cool foods!!! Cake!! Remember last year's???? SAW A LIVE AIRING OF SUITE PRECURE MY FIRST REAL PRETTY CURE LIVE AIRING WOW

Visited a few UNESCO World Heritage sites, not in this order:

Hiroshima Peace Memorial
Saw the Genbaku dome, the memorial (cost only 50 yen for an adult admission, if $1 is 100 yen, that'd be 50 cents. BTW CURRENCY EXCHANGE IS TERRIBLE RIGHT NOW AS $1 WAS 86 YEN!!) ... and had a job interview, not all on the same day. Also that company I interviewed with is also not a World Heritage site. Sorry.

Itsukushima Shrine
Itsukushima, Hiroshima prefecture! Hey, seen that pic of the torii that looks like it's floating on water? Think it's everywhere in Japan? Well, it's not. It's in the Hiroshima prefecture and you gotta take a ferry from Miyajimaguchi (Gate to Miyajima) to Miyajima (Shrine Island)... it's a nickname for Itsukushima. The whole shrine looks like it's floating on water and on low tide days you can actually walk to the torii. It was really beautiful and you have to pay an admission to go through the one-way direction, in which I abused my ticket and went in the second time because I wanted to buy an omamori after Namae explained to me that omamori have shrine names on the back. I told the dude in front in English that I wanted a shrine and he didn't seem to understand me and probably just waved me off as another one of those foreigners and let me in. I think I might have mortified Namae!!! Well, my first omamori evaaar! Whoooaaah. Also Miyajima is famous for oysters. I got oyster onigiri, baked oyster, fried oyster, BBQ oyster... Oh yeah. They have deer. The deer don't move away from people. You can sit on one before it decides that you're annoying and moves away. Yes, saw some kids try it.

Shimogamo Shrine
Kyoto! I think it was popular for its archery competitions where archers on horsies ride past a target super duper fast and still hit it. Watching just the YouTube videos alone was pretty amazing. It was next to a forest and river water thing, so that meant being bitten by six million mosquitos and turning to a giant tomato because I'm allergic to mosquito saliva. It had some relics of the Tokugawa clan so I took a bunch of photos of their crest. I got Namae and myself omamori charms that matched our zodiac animals.

Kiyomizu Dera
Kyoto! A Buddhist temple famous for that one building that's featured as the first picture in the Wiki page yet they had construction supports around it so I couldn't take a photo like the one in the Wiki article and this was my best shot to hide the construction crud. Also famous for the three channels of water that people drink for life-improvement or something. By the way, Kiyomizu means "clear/pure water" in Japanese so that water is drinkable!! There was a long line for the drinking of the water thing. Also got bitten by mosquitos here.

And some not Heritage Sites:

Yasaka Shrine
Missed this one 'cause it was late and the inside was closed. But it was lit up at night which was rather different compared to the other shrines that just sit in the dark. We still walked in and took some photos.

Universal Studios Japan, Osaka
IT'S A THEME PARK. Okay, well, something special was going on. FUCK YEAH MONSTER HUNTER. Some people paid 6200 yen to enter the park and played on their PSPs all day. Well, I did too, but that's after I already rode all the rides on the park by using the singles line. Much faster than waiting in a the group lines. Also this reproduction of Fisherman's Wharf freaked me out. It looks very similar to the real thing but smaller. They also had a single building representing Chinatown and the Ghiradelli signage.

Ueno Park. Cats there. Cats don't move away from people. Touched cat. Allergies acted up. Got bitten by more mosquitos. Zoo was closed. I visited too late.

Ameyoko. Ueno's shopping street with fresh seafood and meats market and stuff.

Tama River. Went fishing in Tokyo! Yes!! Went fishing in Tokyo!!!!!! And BBQ'd at the river. Seems like a normal thing there unlike here where we take the fish back home. WAX WORMS ARE ADORABLES!! Avoided mosquitos due to being READY! Had an electric mosquito repellent along with long sleeves and the traditional sprays. Caught 5 fish which was a pretty amazing number seeing how many people were there...

Roppongi Hills. Wow.

Kaminarimon. The temple, too. Thought this was cute. It says "Asakusa Station"... it was the lantern that marked the entrance of the train station. Saw the Sumida River Fireworks Festival right before going to Kaminarimon, so it was crowded. Apparently it's Tokyo's biggest and longest fireworks-- an hour and a half show.

Namae's house. Namae's house has mosquitos. Mosquitos that look like this. Scary. Not a Heritage Site. Spent most of time itching, with bite areas feeling like they were on fire.

Mitsumoto's apartment. Hiroshiman friend's house I stayed in. Not a heritage site. No mosquitos. Was happy.

Gati's house. Naran friend's house I stayed in. Not a heritage site. Front of the house had mosquitos. Ran away quickly.

Sukiya. Beef bowl store. Ate there.

Typhoon came. Biggest rain evar. Stopped Namae's usual train line and she gave me a stern look to not go outside that day cuz her train never stops

Some other places I forgot to write about. HEY LOTS MORE PHOTOS ON MY DSLR which will never be uploaded unless i stop being lazy

Getting too lazy to update post. Pressing submit button.

Post brought to you by Kinkan and Muhi. (They help after you've been bitten by a mosquito.)

tl;dr: I got bitten by mosquitos, swelled up like mad, allergies, job interview, went to places, ate food, life good and fun
Tags: comiket, comiket 80, hiroshima, interview, japan 2011, job, kyoto, love, namae, nara, osaka, tokyo, trip, universal studios, usj
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Best trip; best cake
cake each time I visit Hiroshima delicious trip
Oh no mosquitoes. D: I'm allergic to the damn things, too. DON'T EVER VISIT SASKATCHEWAN OR MANITOBIA EVER not that anyone wants to go there anyways.

It sounds like a fun trip, though! Aside from buzzy biting things.
Do they also take about 5-7 days for you to heal and feel hard & like your arm is on fire!? They make for cool fake muscles though.

Trip was definitely fun!
Sometimes up to two or three weeks to heal, swell up a bunch, but don't really feel hard, and itch like a bastard all the time. No fire. Thankfully.


6 years ago

I keep telling myself that I'll make the trip out there one day, but it never seems to happen D:
you never seems to happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
while i'm still young.

i always worry about being mistaken for japanese and having people try to talk to me as if i know the language. while i can only respond with an embaressed blank stare and heavy american english.


6 years ago

Awww, I'm sorry we didn't get to meet up. D: But Ueno Park! I love going there. I've been there twice, once on a field trip to the museum and then another time when my friend visited. It was really nice. ♥ I want to go again before we finally leave in early 2012.

Looks like you went to a lot of places! Awesome
Chinatown was pretty Chinatown! It reminded me of the one in SF except it's got a super "THIS IS JAPAN" feel. All the buddhist temples here also have a certain Japanese flavor to it, too.

It's OK! It's even cool we met up at all seeing how we're always in different places!
This is very true! I had so much fun last time. I hope we can meet again someday, although I don't know when we'll ever be back in Japan ;_;. I never got to go sightseeing, the conversion rate is too much and we're trying to save for when we return to the states, but a vacation there might be just what we need!


6 years ago

Delicious cake! Must eat~!

I still use this, by the way. :3
oh LJ
Yes, I still use LJ. ;D

I remember when I went to Germany, we were so thrilled to find some Dr. Pepper, though no one bought any because it was expensive. It's not like we couldn't find "American" drinks though, it was mostly just Pepsi products (which were few and far between) vs. Coke products (which were in abundance.) No idea why.

The deer must reaaaaally be used to people. o_o

I thought mosquitoes are bad on their own; an allergy on top of that must really suck! >:O

I know how taking pictures to hide the "construction crud" can be. I remember on that European trip I mentioned there was scaffolding everywhere on various cathedrals and older buildings, some castles as well (including this notable one, which did not look as picturesque as in all the photos at the time I was there.) Understandable though; when your shit is that old, you have to do some maintenance from time to time. XD

What you wrote: "Cats there. Cats don't move away from people. Touched cat. Allergies acted up."
What my brain interpreted here: "Cats there. Cats used to being anime companions. Touched cat. Got magical girl powers." ;D

"Went fishing in Tokyo! Yes!!" ... I assume you caught a Magikarp.
Coke's just everywhere! I guess it's a symbol of America and, well, soda's just become really popular in the modern times. Can't think of soda without at least Coke.

Dr Pepper got a bad rep in Japan for the longest time and I always had my friends do a double-take when I said it was my favorite drink. It wasn't until a certain anime showed it that a lot of them are now saying "Well, I could try it sometime, I guess."

Oh! That's what they're called!! Scaffolding... it was everywhere and in the way of the cool view. I'd like to go to Europe someday... just never been.

I AM A MAGICAL GIRL! I don't need no cat! I am also the cat. At the same time. Cat magical girl. The allergies are just magic dust being stuck in my nasal passage.

I caught way more Magikarps than anyone else! I'm so proud!1