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ミルウーダ: The paradise that was already Alice's playground.

>~<'))))><Real women? What game are they from? Lovin' Agrias since ⑩ years ago.

ミルス。Seven-Colored Puppeteer of B u c u r e s t i.
28 October 1985
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Ovelia and Agrias

there is a distance between people
a large distance
but if I search slowly and carefully
I might find the path that links that distance

Please don't steal my mood icons; I scanned and made them myself. Thank you.

Lady Chris Lightfellow layout also by me.

Previously michiru_mama.

I'm a INFJ. 33%, 25%, 75%, 11%.

# moderately expressed introvert
# moderately expressed intuitive personality
# distinctively expressed feeling personality
# slightly expressed judging personality

Sun: Scorpio, Moon: Taurus, Ascending: Libra.

I don't comment too often.
I am horrible at commenting. But I do read! Maybe my memory is kind of bad, but... I've read it if you're on my list. (And a few who aren't on my list, I might read too...)

If I remove you, I don't read your journal enough. Sorry! Keep me if you would like, no hard feelings if you remove me. I don't add people randomly. My journal is public. We can be friends outside of LJ, so if you're not on my list it doesn't mean you're not in my life.






Sarah (At Le Buque to Franz): "This place feels like a prison to you, doesn't it? In my view, you are the ones who are actually free."

Luc & Sarah final scene:

Sarah: "No, I'll stay. I chose to follow you and let a million people die. I must be punished for this."
Luc: "Sarah..."
Sarah: "I was living in that palace all alone. No one cared for me, even though they were after my power. Only you..."
Luc: "I might have been after your power, too..."
Sarah: "It doesn't matter. I chose you because you brought me joy. I must accept my punishment..."

Chikane: "Even if the Gods of Death would block my way, they absolutely won't stop my love for you."

As long as the Moon, Earth, Sun, and You are with me, everything is fine.


"...it would be sad if we just stopped being friends because of a simple non-communication."


on seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful april morning, by haruki murakami


Picture by hounori

AAAUUGGH!!! blood blood blood
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